Proferssor  Tonghai Wu

1-Deputy Director of the Key Laboratory of Modern Design and Rotor Bearing System of the Ministry of Education,China;

2-Executive member of the Equipment and Maintenance Engineering, Branch of Chinese  Mechanical Engineering Society

2-Member of Institute of Design Science and Basic Components, 

School of Mechanical Engineering  Xi'an Jiaotong University



Address: No. 28 Xianning West Road, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China 710049

My Expertise

Dr Tonghai Wu’s research focus has been wear analysis and machine condition monitoring. His main research interests include 3D image acquisition, processing and quantitative analysis of wear in mechanical systems; development and application of artificial intelligent techniques for prediction of the performance and remaining useful life of mechanical systems; integration of multiple techniques (wear analysis, vibration and oil monitoring) for machine health monitoring.

Field of Research (FoR)

Tribology, Dynamics, Vibration and Vibration Control, Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing


Dr Tonghai WuI have served Xi’an Jiaotong university (XJTU) since 2006. During 2008 to 2010, He have worked at Materials Science and Engineering Postdoctoral Station (XJTU), to do the postdoctoral research. From 2013 to 2014, He spent one year at UNSW as a visiting scholar with Prof. Peng (UNSW) on condition monitoring, and built up cooperation with Doc. Ngai Ming Kwok (UNSW) on image processing and Prof. Weihua Li (UOW) on wear particle sensor technology. In January 2017, he became a professor in school of Mechanical Engineering (XJTU). He is the main member of  Machine Condition Monitoring research group at XJTU Xi’an Leaded by Prof. Yaguo Lei.

Research Interests

(a) development of an online oil/wear debris monitoring system,

(b) development of sensor technology, Ferrography and other relevant techniques for wear debris analysis and oil analysis,

(c) development of complicated, multi-functional, advanced friction-wear test rigs,

Research Collaboration

Dr Wu and the Tribology and Machine Condition Monitoring group collaborate with many researchers within and outside China on a range of fundamental and application-orientated projects in the field of tribology and machine condition monitoring. The world-wide co-operations include United States, Austria, Britain, etc.

Awards and Service to the Profession

(a) Competitive grants

In the last 10 years, Dr.Wu attracted, managed and completed 6 (5 completed and 1 on-going) NSFC, 2 basic research programs, 3 international collaborative grants, 6 industry funded grants, and other major projects on topics of wear debris analysis and condition monitoring for different applications. The total funding of the above grants is close to 5.5 million RMB.

(b) Consultancy

With the promotion of the lab works, Dr.Wu developed our first integrated on-line suitcase and established a primary judgment criteria for fault predication. Two wind turbines belong to two wind farms were chosen as tester. In 2008, one of the biggest ocean dredger ships was equipped with our on-line ferrograph sensor. It severed over five years to monitoring the engines and reported times abnormal faults. Since then, over ten big ships were equipped with our improved products.

In the past ten years, Dr.Wu provided professional consultancies to the field of wind power, ‘Two wind farms of Chinese Guodian electric power development co., LTD’; the field of oil refining, ‘Dushanzi petrochemical branch of China petroleum and natural gas co. LTD’; the field of mining, ‘Ningxia Tiandi Benniu industrial group co., LTD’; etc.

(c)  Professional activities

Dr.Wu reviewed manuscripts for more than 8 international journals including Wear, Tribology Letters, Tribology International, Recent Patent on Electronic Engineering, Sensors, Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing (MSSP), Tribology in China, etc. Dr.Wu is also the peer reviewer of NSFC, the chief engineer of small and medium enterprises, Shaanxi Province, member of ‘Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers’, member of ‘China Mechanical Engineering Society’, academic committee of ‘Mechanical Engineering Society Equipment and Maintenance Engineering’, guest editor of ‘International Journal of Rotating Machinery’.

(d) Research impact

As an active researcher in the field of Tribology, Dr Wu has published over 70 high-quality publications with more than 50% of them published in top journals by SJR and JCR in the field of Tribology and with more than 700 citations in the past 10 years.